How to Run Payroll


Payroll plays an integral role in any business. A company can use payroll as a way of protecting its reputation and as a way of complying with some certain legislations. The main role of payroll is to assist you in compensating your employees for the time that they have worked for you. Employees should be paid on time so that they can be motivated to work more and be productive. Payroll outsourcing is another way in which you can be able to improve the way payroll services are handled in your office.  Employees are usually paid either weekly or monthly depending on the agreement that you have with your employer. It is in order for you to run payroll early before end month so that you can allow tie for processing. Here are some of the steps used in running payroll:

1. Be ready to run payroll

Employer information should be the first thing that you should look at when you want to get started. Ensure you have all the information concerning your employees including the new employees. It is very important to have your business registered and this registration will assist you to get the federal employee identification number that you can use to pay the payroll taxes of your employees. Sometimes it is important to use the electronic means to process your payroll and to keep your employees information.

2. Calculation of the payroll amounts

Calculating payroll amounts can be done in many ways including hourly or salaried, overtime or by use of software. It is important for you to have a payroll system that is computerized so that it can be easy for you to run the payroll calculations and without any problem. Most payroll services Australia are done using the computerized means because they are efficient and faster to use as compared to any other means.

3. Payroll taxes and deductions

If there are any payroll taxes that need to be taxed, they should be taxed from the employee’s pay. Some of the things covered in the payroll taxes include social security taxes, state income taxes, federal income tax, and Medicare taxes. The easiest way to use in calculating your federal income tax is by use of the IRS tax schedule. This method is faster, efficient and effective to use than any other method. The Medicare taxes and the social security taxes are usually set at a flat rate. When calculating your net pay there are some other deductions that you need to take into account. Some of these deductions include 401(k) deductions, employee health care and the repayment of loans.

3. Paying of the employees

Usually employees are paid by taking their gross pay subtract all the payroll taxes and any other deductions. After this deduction you will have the net pay and this is what you will be paying your employees. You can also use your payroll software to pay your employees and this is even quicker and more effective than any other means. Last but not least, ensure that your payroll service is handled by a professional and not just anybody:

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